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HVAC Apprentice Jobs – How to get started


HVAC Apprentice JobsFor those who would like to become a HVAC apprentice and eventually become an expert they will first of all need to go through an air conditioning apprentice program. Regardless of the program a student will choose, he or she must make sure that it falls under the National Apprenticeship Act, as it’s overseen by the United State’s Department of labor. The United State’s Department of labor actually works with the states in order to manage the apprenticeship programs of the country. On a state level people will be able to find many SAAs or state apprenticeship agencies which work with management organizations, joint labor associations, employers associations with employers and so on in order to have apprenticeship programs established and then overseen.
That is why if someone would like to consider a HVAC program, there are certain paths required for that individual to delve into, like work experience performing real world HVAC jobs and classroom instruction of course.

Classroom Studies – What to expect from a HVAC Apprenticeship

At technical colleges and community colleges the states offer many HVAC programs that students can consider during the evenings, so even though they’re working a full time job or are a full time student, they will still be able to benefit from them. After the courses will be completed the students will be able to find opportunities in the HVAC field in order to be let in on more work experience which is mandatory to get certification working as an apprentice.
Unlike other types of jobs out there which will not require people to have good skills, the HVAC industry focuses upon people who have more than one skill. For instance when becoming a HVAC professional, the individual will not only need to work with electricity, but also ventilation and plumbing technologies. On top of that they will also need to be good with math, so that they will understand the physical properties of the works they will get to work with.
Attending the right classroom studies will allow the HVAC student to sharpen his or her practical measurement skills and industrial math skills. When the higher levels of the programs will be introduced to the students, they will be learning elements of electricity, mechanics, hydrology, physics and chemistry.

The Right On-The-Job-Training Can Get You The Best HVAC Apprentice Jobs When Qualified

A major importance in the air conditioning apprentice programs lies in the on the job training or OJT. So this means that while the student will learn more about the industry that he or she is going to be a part of, he or she will need to work on a lower wage compared to the fully trained employees. This is actually very normal and the student will need to work a predefined number of hours in the trade so that in the end, he or she will become a fully certified apprentice. For people who would like to be part of this industry, they will need to work a standard of two thousand hours as an OJT, yet individual programs, might involve more hours in order to achieve the desired level of training.
In the newer hybrid and competency based approaches currently OJT is augmented with related technical instructions which might be given in an on the job site or classroom where the required components for training are present.

Registered Apprenticeship Sponsors For The HVAC Apprentice

There are some apprenticeship programs which are sponsored by trade associations and / or employers which will let students in on the job training or maybe even a combination of an on the job training and classroom training. The United State’s Department of labor and the State Apprenticeship Agencies oversee the Registered Apprenticeship sports and level of training they provide for employees. The scope here is that employers will get in touch with job seekers who are looking to gain skills or improve their already present skills so that eventually a professional relationship can be established between the two parties. Because this type of training is industry driven, it’s localized to the needs of the HVAC industry and it’s also very relevant.

Those who would like to become an air conditioning apprentice will have to go through a lot of work before they will become fully certified, but they shouldn’t feel discouraged. As with hard work, great rewards follow and in the end the salary of a HVAC apprentice can be pretty good!


HVAC Brands You May Work With

  • Amana
  • American Standard
  • Broan
  • Broan
  • Bryant
  • Carrier
  • Frigidaire
  • Goodman
  • Honeywell
  • Honeywell
  • Lennox International, Inc.
  • Rheem
  • Tappan
  • Trane
  • United Technologies Carrier
  • York

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